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Our Social Distance World



We are all dealing with a new normal. New, albeit too common terms - social isolation, social and physical distancing, self-quarantining, remote learning, virtual meetings - have all become everyday terms portrayed to us from T.V. land into our living rooms.

I, like you, felt like our lives were being upended...quickly too! I saw actual fear on the faces of mothers I know when they heard their child would be at home form an unknown period of time. I heard comments like, "My son/daughter is going to be so bored at home by his/herself." Now for me, when I first heard the current administration announce a stay at home order was in place, my fears of Nolan being away from the outside world were pretty much non-existent because Nolan enjoys being alone. Yes, I had fears about Nolan being able to continue one-on-one in-person therapies, but the social distancing part...uh uh. I felt like...we got this! I thought to myself...Nolan will most likely enjoy more alone time. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO EASY!


Don't get me wrong, Nolan has many moments when he would rather be alone, but as time goes on, and his is noticing he isn't seeing his friends, relatives, neighbors, and teachers in person anymore, he has begun to seek social gatherings...not social distancing.

What do I mean by that?

I have noticed the frustration in his voice...his eyes. The frustration has been more than ever before. More biting, not only himself, but me too. More anger, throwing things, crying spells out of nowhere.

He misses his family, friends, teachers and neighbors.

And here I was thinking this whole "social distancing" thing was going to be as easy as pie, right?


We have the best neighbors on the planet - we might be a little biased; Nolan knows we have the best neighbors, therefore, he has taken it upon himself to ignore the social distancing rules and try to enter the home of our dear friends without being invited in. This home invasion ;) occurs in the split second I turn my head away to attend to something else. He is as fast as a speeding bullet! Thank goodness my neighbors know and love Nolan, and they understand that he may be dealing with many mixed emotions at the time.

Social distancing? He just isn't having it!

He wants to know that the people who love him want to be near him and with him like they did before this new lifestyle we have all become so accustomed to. I think he is wondering, "Why don't they want to play with me? See me? Be near me?"





As soon as I noticed - even for a second - that he was most likely feeling this way, I started to read him several social stories about Covid-19 and why we need to stay home for now, wash our hands often, and just spend more time at home in general.

I truly think he understands. I think he knows that things are this way now but will change in the near future.

Let me just say this, times like these can be challenging for most people, but for our kiddos...change can be difficult...we all know this.

I am so proud of how Nolan has handled this difficult and challenging time our country is facing at this moment in time. I am sure you feel the same way about your kiddo as well. Let's continue to lean on each each other.

Let's continue to make the best of our OWN social distance world!

Autism moms, how are things going in your social distance world? Share your stories with us!

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