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Anxiety, irritability, self-injurious, repetitive behaviors, aggression, phobias ('buzzers'), insomnia, and obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors--- NOLAN 100%- all of the above!

Here is a visual of where we are now....

real and raw...


Now to what we do to stop or avoid a behavior crisis...

and the aftermath...

Coping strategies: Stay calm, deep breathes, squeezes and hugs, talk quietly, grab a sensory toy, take a dip in the pool--- THINGS WE DO TO CALM DOWN

Do these coping strategies always work? NO. In fact, they don't seem to be helping much at all.

I am acknowledging that this is a tough time.

I'm Nolan's mom, right? I should know exactly what to do and what to say to prevent a behavioral crisis, make him feel safe, and avoid noises that hurt him, correct?

Many times...I cannot

Is medication the answer? Maybe!




Thank goodness for that word AND am not afraid to use it! I am not too proud, nor am I too mighty to ask for help.

'Help' is one of the most powerful words in the English language. The word 'help' can stand alone on its own and STILL be powerful! When said, it is a word that can sometimes convey strength or weakness.

I see it as a strength--Self-confidence, courageous, and ready to rock and roll!

When I think about it, 'help' was one of Nolan's first words, which eventually progressed to 'help me'. Some of his words came and went, but the word 'help' and the phrase 'help me' has been consistently part of Nolan's vocabulary.

Throughout our lives, all of us will either 'need help', 'be of help', or 'help' a loved one at some point in time.

It is inevitable.

A diagnosis of Autism is hard for both the child and the family. We must make sure we have a good support system! I know my family, friends, and the rest of "Team Nolan" ( therapists, doctors, gymnastics instructors, teachers, family and friends)- help me manage my feelings and emotions when faced with the challenges in Nolan's life.

Yes, I face every single challenge he faces...head on.

BUT I can't do it without the "H" world...HELP!

When I am overwhelmed...

Who do I ask for help?

How do I ask?

What what do I want from them?

--These are questions I ask myself quite often--

So Autism moms out! Do you have any advice? Where does your support and strength come from?

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