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Finding His Niche



Basketball, baseball, soccer, name the organized sport, Nolan has tried it! All of these sports are great, (especially baseball ;)) but none of them were Nolan's niche.

When I found out I was having a boy, I was so excited! All the thoughts that ran through my head...Nolan becoming the starting pitcher on his baseball team, his name announced under the Friday night lights as the starting quarterback, the goalie for his high school soccer team...all of this ideas have changed... for the better!

Gymnastics! Gymnastics! Gymnastics! Nolan found his niche! It took a while, but we found it!

In my opinion, the benefits of gymnastics for children with autism is undeniable! When he steps out onto the mat, he is strengthening his fine and gross motor skills, learning to follow directions, as well as improving his cognitive developmental skills. The gymnastics instructors patiently work hard to teach him discipline and strength (even though he can get off task from time to time.) And I must reiterate, it took us a while to find his niche. Thank the Lord, we did! He looks forward to his gymnastics sessions more than ANY other activity. Don't give up. Give every outlet a chance.

Yes, Nolan and I will still watch our Chicago Cubs, toss around the football, and practice dribbling techniques...BUT bars, beams, and the trampoline are what we will continue concentrating on in our family...HIS NICHE!!

What is your child's niche, moms?

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