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You know that bell that rings when you open a door at a restaurant or any business establishment? You know, the one you hardly ever notice? A routine sound that most of us associate with a welcoming customer is actually Nolan's worst nightmare! That one, single sound can disrupt and ruin Nolan's entire day. In fact, as I walk up to any store or restaurant, I say to myself, "Please don't ring! Please don't ring! Please don't ring!" If and when it does ring, his reaction is to grab his ears in an attempt to block the beating sensation that causes pain.

If I MUST grocery shop or we MUST enter the establishment, Nolan makes sure the door stays open, whether he holds the door open or he finds a door stopper to keep the door ajar. Just as long as that bell doesn't ring again! I try to avoid these establishments, but sometimes it is impossible. I wish I could eliminate all bells and whistles out there in this big world we live in, but I can't.

And the sound I hate the most is that lingering sound in my head; that voice that maneuvers it's way into my daily thoughts that causes fear and anxiety for Nolan. Sometimes, I manage to quiet that sound, my own personal "ding-dong."

I am so grateful for sensory friendly activities that places offer for people with sensory disturbances that he would otherwise be unable to attend. Moms, let's come together in an attempt to quiet not only our children's "ding-dong" but ours as well. What are your sensory disturbance stories, moms?

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