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Burps, Buzzers and Bugs, Oh My!


Five, Four, Three, Two, One...(INSERT BUZZER HERE!)

That buzzer sound usually means time is up! For Nolan, and many other people who have Autism, that buzzer sound can only mean catastrophic, earsplitting anguish! It is like clockwork...the hands go directly to the ears.

We don't mess around with certain sights and sounds!

Specific high internal noises and poor external noise filtering causes Nolan to experience "sensory overload".

That isn't all...

The next noticeable action is an immediate response to the ear-piercing sound...TURN IT OFF! STOP THAT SOUND! STOP IT NOW! You could see and feel his determination to do anything to figure out a way to stop that excruciating sound.

In our house, we don't ever allow a commercial to play on any electronic device because the commercial advertisement for Farmers Insurance just might be one of the TV advertisements that broadcasts on our screen ( which I must say, I don't mind skipping a commercial or two ;)

You know the one..."We are Farmers- BUM, BUM, BU-BUM, BU-BUM."

YES, there is an alarm-type buzzer in that commercial, unfortunately.

I can see the fear in Nolan's eyes if I do not turn down the TV volume as soon as the 3rd out of the CHicago Cubs baseball game is made and a commercial is set to play. His eyes...they are ALWAYS glued to the EXACT location-where the remote control is! In fact, the remote is usually within arms length, if not directly in his hands...just in case! Just in case his slow-moving, turtle-like mom can't turn down the TV volume fast enough!


Speaking of alarms...

That dang monthly fire drill alarm at school! Ugh! Don't we all hate that thing?!? Ouch! Could it BE any lounder?!? That sound is a HUGE trigger for Nolan. I understand the reasoning as to why it is so stinkin' loud, but I wish they could find a way to make that thing a little more appealing to the ears. Yikes!


We don't mess around with certain sights and sounds!

If you think the aforementioned sounds are bad...nothing compares to the sound of a long-winded, full belly after a big meal---- BURRRRP!!!

Many 12-year-old boys love to joke about "farting" and "burping". In fact, many kids that age act them out and try to make the longest, loudest sound possible.

Hilarious, right?


Oh boy, NOPE!

Burping is a n0-no when Nolan is around. He has such an adverse reaction to ANY burping sound. Doesn't matter...could be a large man burping after a scrumptious meal, or it could be a tiny burp from a baby who just finished a bottle.

Do us a favor net time you are around us after that last sip of your Pepsi-Cola or that last bite of your Thanksgiving feast...excuse yourself - AND THEN LET IT OUT! ;)

We don't mess around with certain sights and sounds!

Now the worst of the worst...the evilest of all evils...creepy-crawly creatures that cause havoc to his sensory system due to both sound and sight!

Yep, I said it! These creatures both look AND sound funny! Ugh!

What could the dreaded creatures be?

You got it...BUGS!

Yep, gross! SUPER-DOOPER gross to Nolan! Especially ANY and ALL bugs that fly. They are ridiculous, right?!? Not only to they buzz in Nolan's ear and cause his sensory system to go bonkers, they also look and feel funny too.

According to Nolan, bugs that fly are "Yucky!"

In fact, we have avoided some of his favorite restaurants because he remembers seeing a bug while dining in. Visiting those establishments again is also a HUGE no-no.

As of today, loud alarms, buzzers and bugs are to be avoided at all costs.

No excuses!

The sights and sounds that cause hypersensitivity to Nolan's system will probably change as time goes on.

For not, it is-- Buzzers, Burps and Bugs, Oh My! --

BUT you know how it is, Autism moms...we just go with the flow and let it roll!




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