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Autism Birthday Club!

Guest Blogger: Tony the Ambassador of Hope (Written by someone on the Spectrum)


As Autism parents, we know that when our children's birthdays roll around, invitations to parties can sometimes be ignored or they are not invited at all. Our children should experience the same special birthday treatment that ALL children deserve!

I have recently partnered up with an Autism birthday club from their Tulsa headquarters. After hearing what they do to help make these special children happy on their special day (their birthdays), I knew I just HAD to share information about the Autism Birthday Club with other Autism parents.

Nolan is officially a member of this special birthday club!

I hope you are as excited as I am about the endeavors of this exclusive club!

I have asked Tony, the ambassador, to share the endeavors in the text below:

Join our Autism Birthday Club and sign up your child or teen with autism. He/She will receive a Birthday Card from our Tulsa headquarters signed by Tony the Ambassador of Hope. He wants Autism moms to know their children can soar in the future and follow their autism dreams to show the world they can achieve their dreams. We need to show our society that we need the support to lead us to our autistic dreams!



Microsoft and NASA have been known to hire many of us on the spectrum. Someone on the spectrum such as Temple Grandin have brought special inventions to our world and make the world a better place.


Many people do not show up for our (people on the spectrum) birthday parties and we are not invited as well. Friends are so hard to come by. As Tony the Ambassador of Hope for Soaring on Hope, I go in only once a week to our Autism Center and sign birthday cards and address them to children and teens with Autism. Our Autism Center then prints and includes a special surprise in each individual birthday card. My goal is to connect Autism families around the country so they can share their experiences through our special Autism Birthday Club. Please sign up with us and you can look forward to receiving a special birthday wish for your son or daughter.


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